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Gamucci 3 Micro Cartomizer Refill - Menthol 2.2%
All new Gamucci Micro High Density Cartomizers. A pack of 3 cartomizers compatible with ALL Gamucci Micro models including the Deluxe Kit, USB Starter Kit, V2 Starter Kit and the original Gamucci Micro Starter Kit. Each High Density Cartomizers last for approximately 375 puffs thats almost equivalent to 2 packs of cigarettes!…
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Gamucci USB Starter Kit - Original 1.6%
    No Flame - No Tobacco - No Tar   The Gamucci USB Starter Kit contains everything you need to make the switch to electronic smoking or "vaping". The kit includes 1 Regular strength original tobacco flavour cartomizers, and the battery is pre-charged so you can start using it im…
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Gamucci Micro Deluxe E-Cig USB Starter Kit - Original 1.6%
GAMUCCI IS THE LEADING BRAND OF ELECTRONIC CIGARETTES GLOBALLY! All of our products utilise the latest in micro-electronic technology to give users the most realistic alternative to tobacco. The Gamucci Micro Deluxe Starter Kit contains everything you need to make the switch to electronic…
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